This Confidential Report was requested by the State Department as one of the documents adding to President’s Obama’s  informal records. It was filed in January of the year 2030 by Joe Doe, the adopted name of a close friend and assistant of president Barak Obama,

Barak Obama, our President has a fabulous memory. Those near him, including family members, are continuously amazed at his unique talent to remember dates, events and more incredibly exact sentences, remarks and just about everything he reads or just glances quickly

He and I meet regularly to exchange opinions and comments about his more critical themes. I am listed as White House Business Assistant and have no specific job description. The other House members look upon me as a sort of personal assistant to the President, involved in duties that I make sure are noticeable; I regularly bring books to the President and also  submit short reviews of non-important events to the Press Sec and, in general, appear busy with matters that interest the President. The President and I are very careful in maintaining our relationship strictly on an official basis, at least in the eyes of the other members of the White House.

How did this relationship develop?

We first met in elementary school in Chicago and were quick to sense in each other a unique facility to interpret events, sayings and other circumstances  in a quick and very private manner. We also discovered, once we reached high school that we could easily predict scores in most of the sports pursued in the school, as well as major local and world events. We even fooled around with lotteries that benefited both close friends and needy persons we encountered in shops and also in poor neighborhoods. We also ‘previewed’ major sports events and also political matters. We knew what major lottery number would be drawn, same as the result of many competitions, major events and matters of public interest. We both agreed to maintain this unique gift we had in strict secrecy and, at all time and all costs, unknown to our closest relatives or friends.

 In many cases we regretted that we were unable to give people adequate notice; nature events like earthquakes, hurricanes, deadly epidemics, unexpected wars and death of well known personalities. Often, they happened suddenly and found us unable to give any sort of notice. As we matured, we realized that we possessed a unique talent that from the days we identified it, seemed to have been granted to us for the purpose of improving and benefiting people in all places.

 When we reached High School we were both extremely careful not to let anyone know about our special skills and managed to disguise our latent know- how by becoming reporters of the school newspaper and other publications. We did not give the unique talent we had much importance but managed to keep it closely within ourselves and as far as we both knew had never told anyone about it.

We parted company when my family moved to London and I enrolled in King’s College there, while Barak entered the University of Chicago.

I knew in detail the details and major features of the process that took Barak to the White House. It was then that we again established relations but I did not accept a position in the White House until his last year during his first term, both of us knowing that a second term was coming.

I remember his sentence when I arrived at the White House;

“If we do nothing in this next term, my ‘withchie’ friend, this country is going to go the way those nations that shine for a while and then flop into misery, ignorance and silence!” \

We discussed in detail the plans to follow, entirely based on our joint capacity to identify events that our unique perception had outlined for us. In the last seven years – it is now the year 2030, the United States has changed the entire face of the world. We have almost eliminated misery from the face of the earth and have instilled in all a new respect for what is more important, a common desire to protect the universal doctrines first adopted by the United States during President Obama’s second and third terms.

In terms of development of world peace and cooperation, the USA Revival Planadopted at the beginning with major opposition by the world leading nations and then seriously embraced once the Plan disclosed new developments and set down the basis for new systems and applications. It is important to note that the so called Zero Plan, a major part of the USA Revival Plan, had a direct effect on all radioactive systems and facilities the world over and could easily remove or neutralize the radioactive capacity of all substances capable of leading to enriched uranium that would lead to Plutonium and the popular neutrons! Worldwide Nuclear energy became a tightly controlled industry through this effective US system

The president’s knowledge of the Nuclear industry surprised me. He did not hesitate to list the various steps involved in power generation along with the many forms of nuclear experimentation, production of enriched uranium, reactor breeding of plutonium and some of the steps needed to create induced radioactivity and eventually provide reactors with the necessary fuel to generate electric power.

When I commented on his amazing know how he replied with his usual good humor;

“You and I have similar capabilities. While I had to pay a lot of attention to the nuclear industry, you were becoming an expert on English Literature, British Soccer and the inspirational capacity of young lady tourists in London!”

We enjoyed that short moment and quickly returned to the development of relations with the other nations and especially the application of the Zero Plan

It is important to note that practically all nations in the world adopted most of the policies and developments realized in the United States during Obama’s second and third terms in the White House. The result has been an intense development cycle all over and the welcome arrival of new concepts of world cooperation.(in many ways encouraged by theUSA Revival Plan and, of course, its Zero Plan.) I include below a brief summary of the items we examined.



Joe Doe

Early in 2014, the President and I developed a USA Revival Plan in the quiet and comfortable corners of Camp David. A brief outline of the Revival Plan  is included below. It reports on the key items of the highly successful US Revival Plan from 2014 to today in 2030.

1.      Secure the Supreme Court’s approval of the Revival Plan. One way or the other.

2.      Appoint the five man committee that would shut down Congress and arrange for its entire structure to be eliminated. Pensions and other benefits would be revised so that those annual exorbitant fees, salaries and commission would not exceed an amount in dollars equal to the numbers in the age of the subject that is to be terminated.

3.      The 50 states in the Union would be at once substituted by a 5 Region Commission. The existing state structures in each state are to be terminated at once while the new, lean organization is installed.

4.      The ZERO PLAN, developed by a secret Research Center in the US that had developed a total neutralization of all radioactive substances, is to be  utilized at  once in all countries by a special‘substance shut down” so that all weapons utilizing radioactive substances would be rendered useless. Exception was made to those reactors employed for medical purposes and power generation,

5.      A new Education System in the United States would be applied at once. All schools would maintain a minimum schedule of six hour a day for all ages. With exception of football, sports are to be pursued in every school. The practice of football in schools and as a popular sport is eliminated in its totality. The considerable  health damages and costs caused by football are thus  avoided. Football injuries (15 percent of school sports injuries is the highest rate in all sports along with a cost of 27 percent of the national Health budget.) Teachers were to be evaluated and licensed, same as all civil and contracted employees.

6.      The existing Health System in the United States is to be shut down at once. Instead a complete new application of the entire insurance industry and a revision of the existing structure applying to clinics, medical schools, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, health service industry, is to be employed. It is hard to accept that a country with an excellent quality of medical expertise utilizes a confusing cost-and-profit system that includes complex insurance formulas, high rates of compensation to legions of ‘consultants’, expensive formulations of simple products, and a honeymoon of clinical costs that also include another honeymoon of costs from the pharmaceutical and distribution sectors, licensed products and not very clear research costs.

7.      New Immigration policies would be applied by the new 5 Region Commission, which at one time had to deal with an opposite situation as large numbers of US citizens were leaving and obtaining nationality in other countries.

8.      The Armed Forces, including State National Guards and Police Forces would be reorganized along with policies of national use affecting transportation, public works and services and an entirely new system applying to crime.

9.       The United Nations and new initiatives. From an expensive and useless world organization, the UN was transformed into a quick and bright system that provided assistance to all nations and at the same time applied its unique capacity to intervene in critical situations. For instance, a Middle East country suffered the inability of its government at the cost of several thousand lives (around thirty thousand per year). This happened for several years and would have been resolved in favor of its people in no more than weeks. In line with the policies we have adopted, such case would have been quick to resolve and bring peace to that country. In terms of action, the new United Nations would have landed in days two thousand tanks and 400 airplanes along with 5,000 troops, all of them from the new United Nations.

10.    The Conquest of Space is another of the objectives of the new organization that include most nations with capabilities to contribute to a uniform Space Policy.

Villefranche Sur Mer, France


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