Any time the Professor feels the need for a long, sit down review of matters, he selects a unique restaurant at the top of one of  the tall towers that face the Statue of Liberty , the Hudson and the lively New Jersey shores. This particular restaurant is more of a garden suspended among the clouds in a particular part of Manhattan; besides the ample views, the décor of the restaurant gives an immediate feel of a sophisticated garden in the clouds. Often, you see all tables still in action well into the afternoon. The seduction of the atmosphere is easily conducive to long meals and even longer conversations, discussions and memorable intervals.

This time, the subject was an ample one and worth of a long review. As we savored the initial Dry Martini, the Professor smiled and said;

“Next week I shall be in London where, among other tasks, I have been asked to lecture on the elections in the United States and their effect on our banking projections; ours are a source of fascination and mystery to most countries that use a democratic system to prop up their governments.  Our popular elections whether for a modest Inspector of discarded cookie wrappers or elevated government officials, are positive signs of popular intervention that raises interest in most friendly nations. The banks subtle actions are cleverly disguised into exciting maneuvering. At least that is what my friend writes in his message to me.”

I smiled and added to the Professor’s comment;

“Writing about our Presidential elections however is something similar to editing the memoirs of people that have spent their lives within Psychiatric Health institutions or becoming active traders in the ever changing seductions of the Wall Street financial institutions and banks!”

‘You are touching upon a sensitive subject. Our financial institutions come up with unique schemes that generate mountains of cash benefits maneuvered in such fine fashion that it is us the modest users of banking that end up paying for the sleek jet executive planes, the huge mansions on Long Island, the summer villas in Bermuda and a hundred- foot yatchs parked in spots in the Mediterranean like Villefranche Sur Mer, Santa Margherita or Puerto Banus!”

He smiled and nodded indicating that I should continue my inspired outburst. I did;

‘Professor, your descriptions make me wonder about my occupation, degree of economic alertness and my hunger for luxuries, comforts and pate de foie gras for breakfast. How do they manage?”

“It was risky games performed with other people’s money. Our banks have evolved quite a bit since the end of the Second World War, and I am not exaggerating!”

We then shared a pot of Coffee prepared with a new brand of Dominican coffee that seems to be taking the place of some of the more attractive brands. Once we ate another lovely eclair, he turned to me and said;

“Speaking of banks and floating funds, perhaps you can bring me up to date on the inversion I made at your suggestion that you engineered in your own unique manner. By now, the earnings should be such that I could buy the house I rent in Southampton and also  the boat and the apartment in Marbella. Right?”

‘Professor, take a look at your accounts in London, Geneva and Santa Isabel in Bermuda! As long as you don’t ask me about my Investment Psychoextorsion Procedures, I shall continue turning you into another charitable magnate!’’

He smiled and said: “Have another éclair!”



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